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Essential drugs: a cornerstone to refugee health care Coninx, Rudi 1989 Journal article English 4
The historical development of public health responses to disasters Noji, Eric K.; Toole, Michael J. 1997 Journal article English 11
Rehabilitation in complex political emergencies: is rebuilding civil society the answer? Harvey, Paul 1998 Journal article English 18
Food aid and relief development strategies Hay, Roger W 1986 Journal article English 15
Reducing vulnerability to drought and famine: developmental approaches to relief Anderson, Mary B.; Woodrow, Peter J. 1991 Journal article English 12
Livelihood patterns of displaced households in greater Khartoum Hamid, Gamal Mahmoud 1992 Journal article English 10
Conflict, the continuum and chronic emergencies: a critical analysis of the scope for linking relief, rehabilitation and development planning in Sudan Macrae, Joanna; Jaspars, Susanne; Duffield, Mark; Bradbury, Mark; Johnson, Douglas 1997 Journal article English 21
Coping strategies in an ethnic minority group: the Aeta of Mount Pinatubo Seitz, Stefan 1998 Journal article English 15
Depolarising the 'broadened' and 'back-to-basics' relief models Jackson, Stephen; Walker, Peter 1999 Journal article English 22
Targeting the vulnerable: a review of the necessity and feasibility of targeting vulnerable households Jaspars, Susanne; Shoham, Jeremy 1999 Journal article English 14